My fiancee and I already live together, so what do we do for wedding registries? Related Questions

My fiancee and I already live together, so what do we do for wedding registries?
Asked By Jenn B,Last Answer By amyhpete At 2011.03,1 Answers

My fiancee and I have already been living together for 2 years, so we have practically everything we need for our house. I still am having a shower though, so what do you do in that case? I know there has to be a lot of other people in my situation.

Since we have sex offender registries, why don't we also have them for murderers?
Asked By Dottie R,Last Answer By jennyღ At 2010.04,1 Answers

A lot of murderers get out of prison after a relatively short period of time. Yet they can live where they want and don't have to publicly announce their felony. Why do we only know or have easy access to where sex offenders live?

Do State Run Reunion Registries Work?
Asked By H******,Last Answer By Romany At 2010.06,1 Answers

I found my Mom earlier this year.

I've been on the State Adoption Information Registry in the hopes of a match since 1993. I've also kept any changes of address and 'waiver of confidentiality' letters with the Registry, the adoption agency and the Court.

I'm distraught to disover that my mother placed a waiver of confidentiality with the agency and registered with the registry in 1996 once she'd discovered for sure that I wasn't actually dead (yes, they told her I died at 3 days old)!

They never matched us and I'm livid.

Also if both the mother and the father were named on the birth certificate, BOTH of them have to register before any information is divulged. How the heck is anyone supposed to know if one of them is deceased or MIA, wtf is that all about?

I know an 83 year old adoptee who is denied her records because both her parents haven't registered!

Do you think Reunion Registries work or not?

Does anyone else have issues with live fish for wedding centerpieces?
Asked By lioness,Last Answer By At 2011.03,1 Answers

A lot of my wedding magazines suggest it and recently some family pointed it out to me as something that was cute.

If there was a way to safely and humanely have live animals at my reception I would totally go for it. but animals + reception usually= bad things happening. There was a time I wanted to incorporate my pet hermit crabs into the reception but to actually have them there would be a nightmare. So photographs seem to be the way to go.

My fiance as a student worked at a country club which made most of its money though the wedding industry. A few weddings had fish bowls one even had black mollies give birth during the toasts. He broke my heart when he told me that lots of times no one takes the fish home after the wedding. Or people killed the fish during the reception or they just died. The worst was when he told me the decorator of one wedding came back to collect the decorations and when he asked about the fish she told him she flushed them.

Anyone else have issues with fish centerpieces? Any good or bad experiences?

William's and Kate's wedding- date, time, broadcast live ?
Asked By Sharada,Last Answer By Hilary At 2011.04,1 Answers

I heard it will be possible to watch royal wedding live. But where? Could you please tell me on which website?
And at what time this wedding will be broadcasted?
Thanks in advance

When you get engaged, is the woman or the man the fiancee?
Asked By story of my life,Last Answer By Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Or is it both are called that?

My fiancee' and I feel out on Christmas Eve ?
Asked By ☻Jay ™☻,Last Answer By ~I'm A Keepa ~ At 2009.12,1 Answers

Christmas eve we had an argument.. bottom line she slandered my integrity as a man.. so I told her if she feels that way than we shouldnt be together..

Long story short she left. Christmas Morning she wants to tell me how she was wrong and that she said things cause she was upset but didnt mean it.. Im like you say things so much I can only take so much..

Heres the thing we made up made love and she never told me that she threw my Ring away.. My mom peep't it out while at her home Today.. I was devastated by that cause I never checked.. I got up from moms house.. took the fiancee' back to her car... and said have a good day with your family.. Now im home cleaning up and thinking that her impluses is a deal breaker.. She says she sorry that I had to find out that way. But my thing is that she could have told me when she was apologizing and saying she want us to work.. I think she says what she feels just to get by.. Im so Heart Broke..

My friend just found out her fiancee has HIV?
Asked By jane,Last Answer By angeldust_599 At 2011.03,1 Answers

She tested negative for the virus but their wedding is only days away. All the preparations have been made & invitations sent, etc. Her family has been looking forward to this for some time & everybody's very excited. He's told her that if she really loves him she'll stand by him & go through with the marriage. Am i wrong to tell her not to go through with it?

How to get my fiancee to take a drug test?
Asked By Jeremiah,Last Answer By Zachariah At 2011.04,1 Answers

My sister Alexandria is convinced my fiancee Dawn is a drug addict. Alex is a recovering addict yet she has been clean for 5 years. She told me Dawn has needle marks on her arms and she see's all the signs of drug abuse from her. This was really affecting me in a negative way but it became worse when my EX wife Stacy took Alex's side and told me she wants full custody of our 5 year old daughter Dawn has adamantly denied been an addict and told me Alex is using again and she is using her as a scapegoat. She has refused to take a drug test saying it is an invasion of privacy. I can't imagine what it would be like not being able to see my daughter she means the world to me. Stacy told me she would change her mind if Dawn took the test and the results came back negative or if i broke up with her because she doesn't need a drug addict around our daughter. I trust Dawn but i wish she would just take the test. How do i convince her to take the test?

How much does he charge for fiancee visa?
Asked By Larry,Last Answer By George L At 2011.04,1 Answers

When you get engaged, is the woman or the man the fiancee?
Asked By story of my life,Last Answer By Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Or is it both are called that?

My fiancee thinks I'm a boxing champion! Help!?
Asked By Jacquot- Un chat furieux,Last Answer By FRANK D At 2011.02,1 Answers

Okay, so a couple of years ago I met this girl named Megan (Mee-Gun, NOT May-Gun). Did you know that she actually is a speed reader? She reads a book about 3 times as fast as a normal college grad!!

I digress.

Anyway, I told her that I'm a professional prize fighter. I'm not really though. I just said that to pick her up at the bar we met at.

At first this was pretty easy. I would just tell her I was fighting on some weekends in Minneapolis, I would go out with a bunch of friends, take some girl I met to a hotel, then I'd have her hit me in the face as we were leaving the hotel so I could make it look like I was "in a professional fight".

Here's the problem. I've gotten a little bolder lately. I bought a title belt off of Ebay, and I've told her I'm a "champion" now. She, at first, was a little distant about me being in such a violent sport. But she is starting to get excited now.

Too excited. She has started looking me up on the internet and buying boxing magazines. She's asking why she can't find me listed in the Cruiserweight division. I told her I was the WBC champion there.

So, basically, how much would it cost me to print my own boxing magazine? I need it to have my picture on the cover, as I'm going to declare myself the "Fighter of the year".

Also, should I stage some "fights" and have a photographer friend take pictures of the "fights" to give me a photographic history of my boxing "career"?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!

Also, how much would it cost to hire Virgil Hill to have a "press conference" with me to hype our "fight". I've decided he is going to be my first "title defense".


My fiancee wants to break up with me after 4 years, says he's tired.?
Asked By slim,Last Answer By dirftwood22 At 2009.12,1 Answers

we've been dating for 4yrs, just last year when i got back from youth service he started acting funny, i found out about a girl in his life and told him to stop the friendship, he was rigid about it initially but later succumbed but did not keep to it.
Afterwards he started acting more funny, not calling as usual, always busy, spending less time with me, stopped buying gifts for me, missed our anniversary and valentine on the pretext that he wasnt feeling fine and too busy, came extremely late on my birthday without a gift except for icecream and pizza, made sure i didnt show up on his birthday by saying he was travelling and would be coming to Lagos.

Two days after this, he finally showed up and said he was tired of the relationship that my load was too heavy for him to carry.

How do i teach him a lesson he'll never forget in his life, run back to beg and never try it again with another lady,because he made a convenant with me not to break the relationship.

How many days it well take to process a fiancee visa?
Asked By MERCY EMY A,Last Answer By John D At 2010.02,1 Answers

how many days it well takes to process a fiancee visa going to france if u already submitted it into the embassy...

Any one have knowledge of how much time and money it would take to get my fiancee(in VIETNAM)over to the u.s.?
Asked By Richard,Last Answer By MojaveDan At 2011.03,1 Answers

what is the cost and time involved to get my Vietnamese fiancee to the U.S.after initial visit to her country,estimates are fine

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