Hollister interview? Related Questions

Hollister interview?
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okay...i have a group interview for hollister this friday, and I want some tips that will help me nail this. [this is my first job interview ever]. How should I dress? Should I wear their merchandise, or dress really nice? Do I need to bring in anything like a resume? What types of questions do they ask? Gahh I'm so nervous!

What to expect at hollister job interview?
Asked By brodsterrr,Last Answer By C.J. Burton At 2009.12,1 Answers

My cousin (girl) has a job interview at hollister on Tuesday and she's wondering what to wear, what to expect and what type of questions they ask. Also if she applied for impact can she also be used in model or could she ask about model if she's interested thanks

I would like to interview in Beijing, PUMA to the shopping guide. May I ask where to interview?
Asked By lily green,Last Answer By jane b At 2011.05,1 Answers

Sports and leisure brands and brand can. But I do not know where to interview. Those brands the company where I do not know ..

What preparations should be made for a job interview?How can you show off your abilities in the job interview?
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Interview Preparation
Some people who would be ideal for jobs fail at the interview stage for one reason or another. This may be because they do not click with the interviewer, they do not look the part, they are ill-prepared, they give the impression that do not seem right for the job, they appear too keen, they do not appear keen enough, they ask the wrong questions, they do not say enough, their body language is wrong, they fail to put across their expertise, and many more reasons.
In fact, when it comes to job interviews there are a whole host of potential pitfalls for candidates to fall into. However, it is not all doom and gloom, because if you are the best person for the job, then as long as you prepare correctly you should be fine. In fact, whilst pitfalls do exist, and there are issues which you should consider, you should at least be comforted by the realisation that there are no hidden tricks or special secrets which you need to learn, because the thing you need more than anything to succeed in job interviews is simply good old fashioned common sense.
Pointers for Your Interview
A lot of people panic when they hear that they have reached the interview stage of a job application. Really there is no need to do so. Typical job interviews are not Gestapo style interrogations and need not necessarily be terrifying or unpleasant. In fact, some job interviews can be very enjoyable. Whilst most interviews are informal, you should remember that most interviewers are not ogres, but just normal human beings. If you can cast aside any fear or apprehension, but instead relate to the interviewer, striking up a rapport whilst remaining professional, then this can help your cause.
The following tips may also help you.
Ensure you give yourself enough time to arrive early. If need be do a practice run to see how long it will take to get to your destination.
· First impressions count so greet your interviewer with a smile and a handshake. You may not land a job in the first ten seconds of your interview, but if you do not start well and do not give a good impression right from the onset than the first ten seconds could cost you the job.
· Take your lead from the interviewer. If he/she is relaxed and chatty then you should follow suit. Alternatively if the interviewer is formal then your demeanor should remain formal.
· Dress appropriately for the job. This does not necessarily mean you have to wear a suit and tie, after all you would look rather foolish in a suit and tie if the job in question was for a helper at a pig farm. The main thing is to think about how the employer would expect and like to see you dressed. If you think that they would prefer to see you formally dressed then you should ensure that you are not only as well dressed as possible, but also as well groomed as possible. If necessary have a haircut before your interview.
· Be confident but not cocky, and polite but not too shy.
· Do not sit down until you are told to do so, and follow normal etiquette.
· If you get the opportunity to impress the interviewer with relevant knowledge then do not be afraid to do so.
· Remember your body language and avoid slouching or looking too casual, but instead try to look keen, alert and interested.
How to Win at Your InterviewIf you have been invited for interview, rather than panic, the first thing you should do is relax and congratulate yourself on making it to the stage. However, you should not sit on your laurels for too long because if you really want to succeed at the interview then a fair amount of preparation is also required. The following are just some of the things you should consider.• Do your research and find out about the company you are applying for.• If possible contact someone who works for the company and get some inside information.• Find out more about the market / career sector in general, and not just the particular company you are applying to.• Think in advance about the types of questions you will be asked, and prepare answers. Some of the things you may wish to consider here are what strengths are required to do this job well. Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes and tried to pre-empt the questions.• Sometimes an interviewer will throw in a totally unexpected question. If you bear this in mind and it will not come as such a shock if this happens during your interview.• Think about questions you yourself want to ask at interview and memorize them. A note of caution however. It would be disadvantageous if you asked questions which were too obvious or irrelevant. So choose your questions wisely. If you ask relevant and intelligent questions then this will bode well. In addition to asking incisive questions regarding the post, smarter interviewees can also use the open questions forum to demonstrate the extent of their company research. An example of an intelligent question could be along the lines of; “I read in the financial times that this company is planning to invest £1m in training. Is this true?”• Practice asking and answering these questions with someone. Even better, ask them to assess your performance and give you feedback. You should repeat this process until you are confident. If no one is available to practice with then some companies provide a mock interview service and can give you feedback and advice. Even if you do not have the money to pay a company, and you do not have any friends to practice with, then even practicing in the mirror is better than nothing.• If the job is something you have not done previously then find out as much as possible about the requirements, and prepare to be questioned accordingly.• Remember that you are effectively selling yourself at an interview. During your preparation therefore you should re-examine the job specification and consider the traits and qualities the employer is looking for. If, during the interview, you can reinforce the fact that you possess such traits and qualities then this will help your cause.• In an interview it is always good to reassure the interviewer that you can do the job. Most people do this. However, if you can go one step further and give examples, or actually qualify/quantify just how well you can do the job then this is to your advantage. For example, rather than simply saying that you are good at sales it is more impressive to say something along the lines of; “I was top salesman as my last job and increased sales by twenty percent in the last twelve months alone.“• You should remain focused during the interview and ensure that everything you say is consistent, because if there are any inconsistencies then the interviewer will probably pick up on it. For example, if you claim to be an excellent team player but only give examples of how you work independently and autonomously than this may plant a seed of doubt in the mind of the interviewer. You need to be able to backup any claims you make.• If you are too negative during the interview, it could be to your disadvantage. It is therefore important to keep the general tone positive; even if the interviewer brings up negative issues such as a previous redundancy, or employment gaps. It is not a case of turning every negative into a positive, because you have to be realistic too, but if you can demonstrate that you have experienced adverse conditions and have coped well or bounced back then this is to your advantage. Employers appreciate positive people who can handle stress and pressure.Common Interview QuestionsThere is no way of knowing in advance exactly which questions an interviewer will ask you. However, you can certainly pre-empt some questions or types of questions such as those specifically pertaining to the job you seek. Nevertheless, no matter how much planning you do, you will almost certainly be asked some questions you were not expecting. Even though you cannot predict every single question, it still pays to practice answering questions such as the ones below as this will help you form the habit of focusing your mind on a question and responding accordingly. You may be lucky and get asked some of the questions you have rehearsed. But even if you are not asked any of the questions listed below, the very fact that you have rehearsed answering questions should help you respond in a more intelligent and considered fashion without too many “erms”, long pauses or deadly silences.Some Potential Interview Questionso What are your biggest strengths?
o Elaborate on your weaknesses?
o What would you consider your training needs to be?o What were your reasons for leaving your last post?
o What do you know about our company?o Why would you like to work for us?o According to your research what do you think is most important to us as an employer?
o Why do you feel you are suitable for this job?o What makes you think you are better than the other candidates?o Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
o What are your primary career objectives?
o Have you ever disobeyed company policy? If so why?o Why do you think this career sector is right for you?o Have you underachieved or overachieved so far in your career?
o What major mistakes have you made in your career so far?
o Give an example of how you are a good team-player?o Give an example of how you are a good leader?
o Why would colleagues look up to you?o How have you handled difficult customers?o How adaptable are you to change?
o What are your priorities in life?
o Give an example of how you dealt with a negative situation?
o Sell yourself to me in one minute?
o Do you have any questions for us?
o If you could invite any one person from the past or present to dinner who would you invite and why?o Who are your idols?
o What inspires you?o What is your favorite place and why?
o What do you most enjoy about your current job?o What do you hate about your current job?
o What 5 things do you feel are important about this role?
o Wha

Hollister music?
Asked By lucky_ducky_2009,Last Answer By Rebecca At 2009.12,1 Answers

theres a song i have heard in hollister and all i can remember is that it says dance dance dance in it but its not fall out boy.

Do you wear Hollister?
Asked By I make u say BOW CHIKA BOW WOW,Last Answer By non yo beezness At 2011.03,1 Answers

Do you wear Hollister? STAR IF YOU WEAR HOLLISTER...

Do you wear Hollister?
Asked By I make u say BOW CHIKA BOW WOW,Last Answer By non yo beezness At 2009.12,1 Answers

Do you wear Hollister? STAR IF YOU WEAR HOLLISTER...

Anyone here like or dislike Hollister?
Asked By David B,Last Answer By KJM24 At 2009.12,1 Answers

I recently moved to Coatesville, PA from Philadelphia. I have never heard of Hollister or any other stores like it (like American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie & Fitch) before I moved. Everyone here wears it and they think they're better than everyone else. I don't understand why. It's just a name on a shirt. Some just have the seagull on it. I've also heard that clothes there are very expensive. I also hate wearing anything with words or logos on it because I don't want to become an advertisement for that company. Anyway, I just don't like it. I get my clothes from Old Navy and a few other places. I want to know what you think about Hollister and tell me why. Thanks.

Hollister music?
Asked By Liz :),Last Answer By sailorbunny At 2009.12,1 Answers

Anyone find really good music from Hollister than not many people know about? i was in the store the other day and heard like 45565 good songs but i have no idea what they're called. So i tried going on hollisterco.com and clicking HCO music but my computer is messed up and didn't work. So if you have any music you found from the store or online lemme know? thanksss!!<3

If you love hollister star this?
Asked By ♥4eVeR ☼ ME♥,Last Answer By Brittney H At 2011.03,1 Answers

i love hollister and i odnt understand why people are so judmental when it comes to a& f and hollister .....

Do you like the store(s) Hollister and/or Abercrombie?
Asked By CoolChick91,Last Answer By XxX♥Screaming Infidelities♠At 2011.03,1 Answers

If so, give me a star! I know everyone has different taste in style, so I respect your opinion. I like it because a lot of their clothing is made to mix and match, and (at least for, me) it still looks good after you wash it a few times! :-)

What are some songs played at Hollister?
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What are some good songs played at Hollister?
There's a few that i heard and really liked but idk what artists/bands they're by and what songs they are.

So can you help me name some songs that are played? Or the bands?

Other than:
All Time Low
Boys like Girls
Fall out boy

Do you like the store(s) Hollister and/or Abercrombie?
Asked By CoolChick91,Last Answer By XxX♥Screaming Infidelities♠At 2011.03,1 Answers

If so, give me a star! I know everyone has different taste in style, so I respect your opinion. I like it because a lot of their clothing is made to mix and match, and (at least for, me) it still looks good after you wash it a few times! :-)

If you love hollister star this?
Asked By ♥4eVeR ☼ ME♥,Last Answer By Brittney H At 2009.12,1 Answers

i love hollister and i odnt understand why people are so judmental when it comes to a& f and hollister .....

If you love hollister , star this!?
Asked By fashionfreak♥,Last Answer By Leah At 2009.12,1 Answers

Do you love hollister? I do!
Tell me why you love hollister.
The most detailed and longest answer will get best answer!~
thanks for answering!
share the hollister love! lol !

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