In your opinion, what makes a Martial Arts teacher "The Best"...or at least one of the best? Related Questions

In your opinion, what makes a Martial Arts teacher "The Best"...or at least one of the best?
Asked By Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes,Last Answer By Master T At 2011.03,1 Answers

ALSO, How can I find the best one for me? Are there any "bad" teachers? Explain as much as you want.

Civil servants before the interview, the employer why the are looking for candidates quot; meeting quot; it?
Asked By Wendy Zhu,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,2 Answers

I have been very confused, my friends and I participated in the interview, without exception, to meet the requirements of the interview. The meeting, candidates need to do self-introduction, but also to accept the employer's question. As for a few days after the formal interview, and have actually not that detailed, just ask a few questions like .1. such a meeting, the results will affect the civil servants do the interview? 2. If a direct impact on civil service interview, so why make another interview? 3. If we encounter to be "meeting" of the situation, how can I do? 3 questions, please help! additional good answer!

Radio and television equipment in the quot; non-linear editing system quot; how to write in English
Asked By Frances bush,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,2 Answers

Radio and television equipment in the "non-linear editing system," how to write in English

quot; subject matter in escrow quot; how to understand ah?
Asked By jessie lake,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,2 Answers

Is about the

quot; make a display board quot; English how to say
Asked By William Smith,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,3 Answers

What is the quot; triple tripod method quot;? `
Asked By Aaron Barton,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,3 Answers

Is the examination with the `

Which master are marketing quot; work plan quot; template ah, urgent! Urgent! Urgent!
Asked By Wendy Zhu,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,2 Answers

Transport facilities on the product or marketing products can be related projects.

Is quot; order quot; or quot; order it? quot;
Asked By lily green,Last Answer By onlythree At 2017.02,2 Answers

Your favorite quot?
Asked By اكمل شهؤاد @[email protected],Last Answer By goaescort143 At 06.19,3 Answers

mine is
"A friend is some one who know every thing about you but Loves you anyway"

MMA vs. Other Martial Arts. What's your opinion?
Asked By Renaissance Man,Last Answer By Murakumo Dojo At 2011.03,1 Answers

How do you compare Mixed Martial Arts to the more traditional arts that are out there (Karate, Aikido, Wushu, etc.) Personally, I can't stand "MMA" or the UFC. The thing about Mixed Martial Arts (an appropriate term considering it's like what hot dogs are to real meat) is that it relies completely on overpowering and bludgeoning your opponent into submission. A true martial arts master can overcome such an opponent by knowing where to strike him- a place that no amount of conditioning can fortify. Instead of overpowering him, he can use the other's strength and momentum against him, transfer his energy. There is no thought or technique put into MMA, really. Is it effective? Sure, against other MMA fighters. I hardly feel, however, it deserves to be called an "Art." That's my opinion. What's yours?

P.S.- I'm not looking to start a posting war with a bunch of MMA die hards who have no legitimate argument but would rather hurl obscenities and derisive remarks about everything non-MMA.

As a teacher of martial arts, how do you address the ultimate "question" asked by students... Can I survive?
Asked By ISDS,Last Answer By callsignfuzzy At 2011.03,1 Answers

When it comes to self-defense I'm often asked "What if"... and the only real way I can address this question is to do to the student the very thing they fear. They can't understand the issue until they truly experience the reality of the situation they are questioning (asking about, wondering, etc...) But, the reality is it's an unpleasant and very negative thing to explore. How do you, as a teacher, address these "ultimate" questions with students? The process is, in my opinion, nasty and unpleasant. Many people who are curious aren't prepared to deal with the reality of the issue. Any guidance on how to explore such issues in a gentle manner? As it stands I can't figure out how to address these issues in a gentle and non-traumatic way.

What is your opinion of martial arts Dojo and Dojangs that promote students regardless of skills?
Asked By eireshane,Last Answer By Frank the tank At 2011.05,1 Answers

Hey there

What do you think of schools that regardless of the students skills as long as they keep paying the association rates, membership fees, class fees etc will keep promoting students up the ranks ? i think it is disgraceful, because it is giving the student a false sense of security in their ability, and wrong on a moral level too of course, as they are conning people .
I have seen many Dojos and Dojangs where people are wearing black belts and have poor balance, sloppy technique, lazy effort in forms/ katas, yet these people actually think they are a black belt.
I saw a guy around 19 recently wearing a black belt and who was 3rd dan but looked around green belt in skill level. Of course we cannot blame the students, but the instructors and associations that permit this.

How do you think this can be improved on ?

Kind regards

Does Y!A Martial Arts section accurately reflect the state of martial arts?
Asked By OC Bujinkan,Last Answer By Shiro Kuma At 2011.03,1 Answers

Lately, looking at the questions asked and the best answers for those, I'm seeing a lot of bad information being passed off and accepted as best answers.
Is this reflective of the current state of martial arts studies in general?
Or is it just the sheer volume of uninformed answerers swaying askers?

In your opinion, what makes a martial artist a "master"?
Asked By J,Last Answer By pugpaws2 At 2011.03,1 Answers

I've been thinking of this for several months now. I know a lot of people are hung up on rank but the intelligent of you know that means next to nothing. But where does knowledge and experience come to meet into what's perceived as a "mastery level"? The ability to effortlessly defend yourself? The ability to always have something to teach no matter the situation? Or a required amount of experience to finally be where you want to be in your study, training and/or art?

I keep thinking of knowledge and experience, but knowledge and experience in what form? Experience as in attending class regularly and learning from someone who has had generations of lessons taught to them, or experience as a constant personal battle to improve developed on your own.
Same with knowledge; something your told and taught, or something self realized and from your own cognition? I think I already now the answer to knowledge, but I want your take on it.

How do you perceive and describe a "master" level outside of belts, ranks and formalities?
(And I'm talking about you, not what someone else or tradition would say)

Are martial arts that are active in competition or competition oriented real martial arts? list below?
Asked By Ned,Last Answer By possum At 2011.03,1 Answers

List of arts that are competitive: Judo, BJJ, Karate, TKD, Wushu, Kunk Fu, Sambo, Kendo, fencing, archery, shooting (rifle competions in Winter Olympics), etc.

I would add boxing, Mauy Thai and kickboxing but they are sports with martial aspects rather than arts that have sport aspects.

Feel free to add to the lists.

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